The Top 5 Yoga Tank Tops In 2023

Yoga Tank Tops

Let the power of your practice fill you up with energy and love from head to toe, starting with a yoga tank top that’s perfect for you.

Whether you’re looking for breathability or comfort, these are the top five yoga tank tops—all designed to make your practice flow.

Get ready to find out what makes each one unique, and let’s get started on our journey together!

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Key Takeaways

  • The top 5 yoga tank tops include options such as wirefree padded bras, removable padded crop tops, seamless sleeveless cropped tanks, and ribbed one-piece jumpsuits.
  • Yoga tank tops offer features like soft and comfortable material, full coverage U-back design, removable padding, high neck coverage, and versatility in wearing.
  • These tank tops are made of 75% Nylon and 25% Spandex, providing a soft, breathable, and stretchy fabric with double lining for no need of a bra.
  • Factors to consider when choosing a yoga tank top include comfort level, material type, price range, style, breathability, and size.


If you’re looking for the top 5 yoga tank tops, then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you want something that’s lightweight and breathable or something with added support – we’ve got it all.

Our selection of yoga tanks have been meticulously researched to bring you only the best in performance-enhancing apparel.

From ultra-soft fabrics to stylish designs, we guarantee you’ll find something that fits your individual needs and style.

Plus, all our tanks are designed to keep up with even the most vigorous workout sessions.

So don’t wait any longer – get shopping today and discover why our customers love us!

Reviews of the Top 5 Yoga Tank Tops

In this discussion, we’ll review the top 5 yoga tank tops. We’ll look at features such as comfort, support, and style to help you make an informed decision on your next purchase.

THE GYM PEOPLE Womens’ Sports Bra Longline Wirefree Padded with Medium Support is a top choice for those seeking both comfort and support. The bra is wirefree and padded, providing a natural feel while still offering medium support.

Natural Feelings Sports Bras for Women Removable Padded Yoga Tank Tops Sleeveless Fitness Workout Running Crop Tops is another great option. These tank tops are not only suitable for yoga but also for other fitness activities. The removable padding allows for customization and the sleeveless design offers freedom of movement.

REORIA Women’s Sexy Square Neck Double Lined Seamless Sleeveless Cropped Tank Yoga Crop Tops are perfect for those looking for a stylish option. The square neck design adds a touch of flair, and the double-lined seamless construction ensures a comfortable fit.

OQQ Women’s 3 Piece Tank Tops Ribbed Seamless Workout Exercise Shirts Yoga Crop Tops are a versatile choice. With three different tank tops included, you’ll have options for various workouts. The ribbed seamless design adds texture and style to your activewear collection.

Lastly, OQQ Women’s Yoga Ribbed One Piece Tank Tops Rompers Sleeveless Exercise Jumpsuits offer a unique and fashionable option. The one-piece design eliminates the need for separate tops and bottoms, making it convenient for yoga and other activities.

Now that we’ve covered the top 5 yoga tank tops, you can consider the features that matter most to you and make an informed decision on your next purchase.

THE GYM PEOPLE Womens’ Sports Bra Longline Wirefree Padded with Medium Support

The GYM PEOPLE Womens’ Sports Bra Longline Wirefree Padded with Medium Support is a great option for yoga tank tops. It offers full coverage and a comfortable fit. Crafted from 80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex, this top has a soft and comfortable feel. It features a U-back design that provides full coverage while still allowing for movement.

Whether you’re looking to hit the gym or just go for a casual stroll, this bra top will keep you supported and secure in any activity.

For those with smaller frames or natural busts, this top can provide an extra boost of confidence with its snug fit. On the other hand, if you have a longer torso, then sizing up may be necessary to ensure maximum comfort and support. The compressive material also helps to flatten the chest area, making it look good under your favorite workout leggings or shorts.

Plus, this sports bra is comparable in quality to Lululemon, so you know you’ll be getting great quality at an affordable price!

While there are some reports of the removable pads coming out in the wash, overall reviews of this product remain overwhelmingly positive. This versatile top can be worn for low or high impact workouts as well as casual wear – perfect for any active lifestyle!

Product Specs:

  • 80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex
  • Full coverage U-back
  • Pull On closure
  • Hand Wash Only


  • Soft & Comfortable Material
  • Provides full coverage & support
  • Versatile & suitable for workouts & casual wear


  • Reports of removable pads coming out in the wash

Natural Feelings Sports Bras for Women Removable Padded Yoga Tank Tops Sleeveless Fitness Workout Running Crop Tops

Take your workouts to the next level with Natural Feelings Sports Bras for Women. These bras offer removable padding and a snug fit that provides medium support without sacrificing comfort. Made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, these imported bras feature an elastic closure and are designed with high neck coverage for added security. The sweat-wicking material is soft yet thick, allowing you to exercise freely without worrying about shrinkage or lumpiness.

With sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large, you can find the perfect fit for any body type. Reviews of this product have been overwhelmingly positive, with customers loving its fashionable design as well as its function and performance. Many agree that the bra is just as supportive as lululemon or athleta brands, even during high impact activities like beach volleyball. The only downside mentioned by some customers was that the white color could be slightly see-through in certain areas of the chest.

Product Specs:

  • 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
  • Elastic closure
  • Padded sports bra with removable pads for convenient adjustment
  • High neck for added coverage
  • Suitable for yoga, Pilates, fitness and other types of exercises


  • Fashionable yet functional design
  • Durable construction
  • Soft yet sweat-wicking fabric
  • Medium support even during high impact activities


  • May vary depending on body type
  • Visible lumpiness around pads
  • White color may be slightly see-through

REORIA Women’s Sexy Square Neck Double Lined Seamless Sleeveless Cropped Tank Yoga Crop Tops

REORIA’s Women’s Sexy Square Neck crop top is perfect for those seeking comfortable, double-lined coverage without worrying about a bra. Made of 75% Nylon+25% Spandex, it offers stretchy and breathable fabric that won’t be see-through even when you move around.

With its wide straps and square neckline, you can wear a bra without worrying about it showing. The crop top hits at the right point on the abdomen so you can pair it with high waist jeans or cropped bottoms. It also looks great tucked in or left out for added style.

Customers love this crop top for its softness, comfort, and quality. They appreciate the double lining which makes the material non-sheer as well as the versatility to dress up or down depending on the occasion. However, some customers suggest sizing up for a better fit and more comfort from the stretchiness of the fabric – something to keep in mind when ordering!

Product Specs:

  • Material: 75% Nylon+25% Spandex
  • Soft, breathable, and stretchy
  • Double lined, no need for a bra


  • Versatile and can be worn in different ways
  • Suitable for workouts, beach, parties, etc.
  • Wide straps allow wearing of a bra without it showing


  • Some customers may need to size up for a better fit
  • Not available in multiple sizes

OQQ Women’s 3 Piece Tank Tops Ribbed Seamless Workout Exercise Shirts Yoga Crop Tops

For a stylish and comfortable workout look, OQQ’s 3 Piece Shirts provide a ribbed seamless design with moisture-wicking, breathable fabric. Constructed from 90% nylon and 10% spandex, they feature a sexy scoop neckline that provides light compression crop top support. Perfect for Cross Training, yoga, aerobics, pilates, or any other activity you can think of! They also make great gifts for the special woman in your life.

These tank tops are designed to fit snugly around the body while allowing you to move freely. The stretchy material is soft against the skin and won’t irritate sensitive areas like some gym wear does. Plus, it’s machine washable so it’s easy to keep them looking good after each use! Customers have praised their comfort as well as the flattering cut of these tanks. However, some customers have had issues with strap looseness and see-through nature when compared to other items of clothing. It is recommended that you wear a bra underneath for added coverage if needed.

Overall, OQQ Women’s 3 Piece Tank Tops Ribbed Seamless Workout Exercise Shirts Yoga Crop Tops offer versatile style and excellent support for any occasion. Whether you’re hitting up the gym or running errands on the weekend – these tank tops will give you confidence without compromising on style!


  • 90% Nylon 10% Spandex
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Sexy Ribbed Scoop neckline Tank Tops
  • Knit Ribbed Seamless Design
  • Moisture-wicking breathable stretchy fabric


  • Light compression crop top support
  • Soft material won’t irritate sensitive areas
  • Flattering cut & comfortable fit
  • Versatile style suitable for multiple activities
  • Easy to care for – machine washable


  • Some reports of strap looseness & see-through nature
  • Suggestion to wear a bra underneath for added coverage

OQQ Women’s Yoga Ribbed One Piece Tank Tops Rompers Sleeveless Exercise Jumpsuits

Enjoy a stylish and comfortable workout with OQQ’s ribbed one piece tank tops rompers – perfect for Cross Training, aerobics, or any other activity. These jumpsuits are made from 90% Nylon and 10% Polyester. They have a pull-on closure, machine washable fabric, 4-way stretch compression to lift the butt, and thick material that provides tummy control and non see through coverage.

The breathable fabric has fast warm-up times and greater power output, while the contours of the body provide a streamlined look.

The Moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry and cool even during intense workouts. This jumpsuit also offers high elasticity for flexibility in movement while providing support to your upper leg muscles to reduce vibration. Plus its lightweight design ensures maximum comfort throughout your workout session.

With sizes ranging from S to L, you can find the perfect fit for you without worrying about it being too tight or too loose!

Product Specs:

  • 90% Nylon, 10% Polyester Material
  • Pull On Closure
  • Machine Washable
  • 4 Way Stretch Compression Fabric
  • Thick Material For Tummy Control And Non See Through Coverage


  • Breathable And Soft Fabric
  • Squat Proof
  • Moisture Wicking Properties


  • Limited Color Options

Benefits of wearing a yoga tank top

Wearing a yoga tank top can help you feel comfortable and unrestricted during your workouts. They are lightweight and breathable, allowing you to move freely without feeling confined. Tank tops also provide coverage while still allowing for full range of motion.

The thin straps of the tank top won’t dig into your skin, making them more comfortable than traditional workout clothes. The fabric is often made with fast-drying materials that keep your body cool and dry throughout your practice. You’ll be able to focus on your breathing instead of worrying about sweat dripping down your back or itching from uncomfortable clothing.

A yoga tank top will give you the confidence to perform even the most challenging poses with ease!

Factors to consider when choosing a yoga tank top

When it comes to choosing a yoga tank top, comfort level, material type, price range, style, and breathability are important factors to consider. Taking into account your individual preferences on these points can help ensure that you find the right fit for you.

Comfort should be prioritized when selecting a yoga tank top as it will allow you to move freely while practicing yoga without feeling restricted or uncomfortable.

The material type of the tank top is also important as some materials may be more suitable than others depending on your practice environment and climate.

Additionally, price range should not be overlooked as there are options that vary in cost so you can find something within your budget.

Lastly, style and breathability complete the selection process by allowing you to create an outfit that reflects your individual taste while still providing enough airflow for optimal movement and performance.

Comfort level

You’ll love how comfortable these yoga tank tops are! From the softness of the fabric to its breathability, here are four reasons why you’ll be glad you chose one of these tanks:

  1. They’re made from natural fibers like cotton or bamboo that are super lightweight and gentle on your skin.
  2. The fit is designed to move with your body, so there’s no tugging or bunching when you switch poses.
  3. The seams stay flat against your skin, so they won’t chafe during a long practice session.
  4. Many brands offer moisture-wicking fabrics so you can stay cool and dry even when it’s hot outside.

No matter what type of yoga class you’re attending, one of these comfy tanks will keep up with all your moves – in style!

Material type

From cotton to bamboo, these tanks come in a variety of natural materials so you can choose the perfect one for you. Whether you’re looking for breathability or durability, there’s something out there that will work best for your yoga practice.


Each material has its own unique properties, so go ahead and try them all! With the right tank top, you’ll be sure to find the perfect balance between comfort and performance during your practice.

Price Range

No matter your budget, there’s a tank out there for you. Prices range from affordable to splurge-worthy. From $15 dollar basics to designer tanks that’ll set you back upwards of $100, you can find the perfect top to suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for something simple or an eye-catching statement piece, there’s sure to be an option within your means. If on a tighter budget, shop around for sales and discounts. Many sites offer great deals during certain times of year!

Don’t forget thrift stores either; they often have some hidden gems at fractional prices.

Whatever you choose, make sure it fits and looks good. Get ready to rock those yoga poses in style!


When it comes to style, there’s no shortage of options. You can find everything from basic and casual to edgy and bold.

Yoga tank tops come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Choose a classic scoop neck for a laid-back look or go for something more daring with an open back tank. For a feminine touch, try one with cinched sides or lace accents.

If you’re looking to make a statement, opt for bright colors or graphic prints that will turn heads. You can also find tanks made of breathable fabrics like organic cotton or bamboo that are perfect for sweaty yoga sessions!

Whatever your style is, there’s sure to be something out there that fits the bill.


For those who are serious about their yoga practice, breathability is key. When choosing a tank top for your yoga session, it’s important to look for fabrics that allow you to move without restriction, while still keeping you cool and comfortable.

Look for airy materials like cotton or bamboo, which are lightweight and absorb sweat quickly. You may also want to consider tanks with mesh panels in the back or sides for added ventilation. The right tank will help you stay focused on your practice rather than worrying about how hot you feel!

Lastly, be sure to pick a style that flatters your shape and allows freedom of movement so you can flow through your poses with ease.


Finding the right size tank is essential for a comfortable yoga session. It should fit snugly, but without being too tight or restrictive. You want it to be loose enough that you can move freely and stretch your arms above your head without feeling constricted.

It’s important to choose a size that fits you well because if it’s too big, it won’t provide adequate support, and if it’s too small, you may feel uncomfortable while working out. Consider taking measurements of your bust, waist, and hips before shopping so that you can accurately find the size that will best suit your body type.

Many retailers also have helpful sizing charts online to help make sure you get the perfect fit. With the right tank top in hand, you’ll be ready for an amazing yoga experience!


Choosing the right color tank can make all the difference in your yoga session. Look for vibrant colors that reflect your personality and will help motivate you throughout your workout. Don’t be afraid to try bolder shades, like hot pink or electric green, to raise your energy levels and get yourself feeling ready for class.

You could also opt for more muted tones, like pastels or earthy hues, to create a calm atmosphere as you practice. Consider the environment around you when selecting your tank top too; do you need something bright and cheery to break up a gray morning? Or perhaps something dark and mysterious for night time yoga sessions?

Find what works best with your own individual style!


If you’re looking to make a statement during your workout, consider picking a yoga tank with an eye-catching pattern. Patterns can be simple or more intricate depending on your preference. Whether you’re drawn to bold colors and shapes, or subtle florals and stripes, there are plenty of options for expressing yourself.

  • Geometric: Put together striking angles and shapes for a modern look that’s sure to turn heads.
  • Floral: Show off your softer side with delicate flowers in muted pastels or bright tones.
  • Abstract: Opt for something unique and totally one-of-a-kind with an abstract print.
  • Striped: Make a statement with classic striped designs in both horizontal and vertical patterns.

Whatever design speaks most directly to you – these stylish tanks will keep you cool while giving your practice the perfect backdrop!


No matter your style, you’ll be able to find the perfect length yoga tank for you. Whether you prefer something cropped or long and flowy, there’s a tank top out there for everyone.

CroppedThese tanks have hem lines that fall above the hips, usually stopping around the rib cage. Ideal for hot summer days in the studio!
RegularThe most common and versatile of all lengths. Regular length tanks typically hit mid-hip level and are flattering on all body types.
TunicLonger than regular but shorter than tunic-length tanks, these shirts look great with leggings or full-length pants. They offer up just enough coverage while still being form fitting.
TunicTunic-length tanks provide the most coverage of all lengths and are perfect if you’re looking to hide problem areas such as your stomach or thighs. This length is also great for layering over leggings or shorts on colder days!


When it comes to fit, you’ll want to select a style that flatters your figure and makes you feel comfortable. Consider the following when shopping for yoga tank tops:

  • Look for fabrics that are stretchy and breathable.
  • Choose tops with straps or racer-backs for more support.
  • Opt for longer styles if you want extra coverage.
  • Make sure the length is just right – too long and it won’t flatter your figure.

With this advice in mind, you’ll be able to find a top that fits like a glove!

Sleeveless or Spaghetti Straps

Ready to take your yoga practice up a notch? If you’re looking for something to add style and comfort to your workout, why not try sleeveless or spaghetti strap tank tops?

They look great and won’t get in the way of your poses.

To help you make the right choice, here are five of the top-rated tanks on the market.

Supportive Material

Look for tanks made with supportive materials that’ll keep you comfortable and confident during your workout. Staying cool and stylish while getting the most out of your practice is key, so seek out fabrics like cotton-spandex blends or nylon-spandex mixes.

These types of fabric are breathable, move with you, offer support and coverage – all while maintaining their shape throughout your session. Not only are they comfy to wear over a sports bra, but they also won’t bunch up or ride down when transitioning between poses.

Plus, look for tanks with built-in shelf bras for extra support and removable cups – perfect for those low impact days!

Yoga Tank Top Buying Guide

When shopping for a yoga tank top, there are several important factors to consider. It’s important to know the different types of tank tops available, understand how to find the right fit and quality for your body type, and learn how to maintain them properly.

Additionally, it’s helpful to know tips on washing and care of your yoga tank top in order to get the most out of your purchase. By following these guidelines, you will be able to find the perfect yoga tank top that lasts!

Types of Yoga Tank Tops

There are various types of yoga tank tops available to choose from. To help you find the perfect one, here’s a list of the top ones:

  1. Racerback Tank Tops: These are lightweight and offer great breathability for those hot yoga classes.
  2. Spaghetti Strap Tanks: These are soft and comfortable, perfect for any low-impact activity or relaxation session.
  3. Longline Tanks: If you like a bit more coverage, these tanks feature extended lengths and provide extra protection against deep backbends.

No matter what type of tank you choose, make sure it fits your body well and offers plenty of range of motion so you can focus on your practice instead of worrying about your clothes!

Quality and Fit of a Yoga Tank Top

When it comes to finding the perfect yoga tank top, you want to make sure it fits well and is made from quality materials. Look for tops that are breathable, flexible, and made of natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo. Make sure seams are strong and won’t wear down in the wash or during a strenuous yoga class.

The fit should be snug but not too tight – you don’t want your top riding up while you’re in downward-facing dog! Try on different sizes until you find one that flatters your body shape. Quality construction ensures durability so you can be confident your tank will last through all of life’s poses!

How to Find the Right Yoga Tank Top

Finding the right yoga tank can be tricky, so you’ll want to take some time to find one that fits just right. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your perfect top:

  • Look for fabric that is lightweight and breathable
  • Make sure it has enough stretch
  • Choose a style that works with your body shape
  • Opt for moisture-wicking materials
  • Pick colors and patterns that make you feel good!

Taking the time to find the best fit will ensure optimal comfort and confidence during your practice. With all these helpful tips, you’re sure to find the perfect yoga tank top in no time!

Care and Maintenance of a Yoga Tank TopTips for Maintaining Your Yoga Tank Top

Taking care of your yoga tank can be simple; just follow these easy tips to keep it looking like new!

First, always wash your tank top by hand with cold water and mild detergent. Air-dry the garment for best results. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners as they can damage the material over time. Be sure to check the label—many tanks are made from delicate materials that should not be put in a dryer.

Also, avoid hang drying in direct sunlight as this could cause fading or discoloration. To remove wrinkles, use a steamer or iron on the lowest heat setting possible.

Lastly, store your yoga tank flat so it doesn’t stretch out of shape.

Following these steps will help you enjoy wearing your favorite yoga tank top for years to come!

Washing Your Tank Top

Make sure to wash your tank by hand with cold water and mild detergent to keep it looking its best!

For those who don’t know, here are some tips on how to go about washing a yoga tank top:

  • Use the gentle cycle and cold water when washing in the machine.
  • Add a small amount of mild detergent.
  • Don’t use fabric softener or bleach as it can damage fibers.
  • Hang dry for best results instead of using the dryer.

Taking these steps will help preserve your yoga tank top’s vibrancy and fit for years to come!

Storing Your Tank Top

To ensure your garment stays in its best condition, it’s important to store it properly.Best OptionWorst Option
Hang on a hanger with air circulation✔️
Fold neatly and place in drawer✔️
Store in plastic bag or container✔️
Leave out in humid area✔️

When hanging, make sure fabric is not stretched too tight or creased. Your yoga tank top should be treated kindly and stored somewhere dry and cool. Fold them up neatly and place them in a drawer for safe keeping, away from any excess heat or light.

Avoid storing your tank tops inside of plastic bags or containers as this can cause the fabric to become damaged due to lack of airflow. It’s also best to avoid leaving your tanks out in humid areas as this can lead to discoloration over time.

Addressing Stains and Odors

When dealing with tough stains and odors on your garments, it’s important to act quickly to prevent them from setting in.

To tackle yoga tank top stains and smells, you’ll need to mix a solution of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Carefully dab the stain with a cloth soaked in the solution. Be sure not to rub too hard or you may cause more damage.

You can also try soaking the garment overnight in a mixture of laundry detergent and cold water for maximum effect. For stubborn odors, use white vinegar instead of hydrogen peroxide as it is slightly acidic which helps break down any bacteria that may be causing the smell.

Replacing Your Tank Top

If you’re looking for a new workout wardrobe, consider investing in a comfortable and stylish replacement tank. Yoga tanks come in a variety of colors and fabrics, making it easy to find one that suits your style.

Plus, they are lightweight and breathable, so you can stay cool while you flex and stretch. When shopping for yoga tanks, make sure to look for ones made from materials that won’t shrink or lose shape over time. Keep an eye out for details like tagless labels that won’t irritate your skin as you move around the mat.

Consider investing in two or three different sizes so you can switch them up depending on how much support you need during your practice. With the right tank top on hand, you’ll be ready to take on any yoga class with ease!

Choosing the Right Material

Now that you’ve decided to replace your old tank top, it’s time to choose the right material. The type of material used for yoga tops can make a big difference in comfort and performance. Here’s a comparison of some popular materials:

Cotton BlendSoft & lightweight
• Fits nicely against body
Not breathable
• May cause sweat buildup during practice
Modal/Rayon BlendSoft & lightweight
• Flows nicely with movement
Very breathable
• Reduces sweat buildup during practice
Polyester/Spandex BlendDurable & flexible
• Anti-wrinkle fabric holds shape longer
Highly breathable
• Moves moisture away from body quickly to keep dry while practicing yoga or working out.

These materials all offer unique benefits, so it’s important to select the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Enjoy finding your perfect tank top!


In conclusion, these five yoga tank tops offer a variety of colors, styles, and materials to help you find the perfect top for your yoga practice.

With comfortable fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo, you can be sure that your tank top is breathable and soft against your skin.

Whether you prefer bright colors or subtle hues, there’s an option to fit any style preference.

The lightweight fabrics make it easy to move freely in various poses without feeling restricted.

From halter-style straps to racerback silhouettes, these tanks provide the support and coverage needed during any yoga practice.

So no matter what type of fabric or style you’re looking for, these five options are sure to provide the perfect balance of comfort and performance!

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Step up your yoga game in one of these amazing tank tops! Show off your style, stay comfortable during your practice, and get the most out of each pose. Shop now for the perfect top that fits both you and your budget. With so many options available, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do yoga tank tops typically last?

On average, yoga tank tops last for around one to two years with proper care. Interestingly, nearly 80% of people wash their yoga tanks after every use. To ensure your top’s longevity, be sure to hand wash it in cold water and hang it up to dry. Additionally, avoid bleach and fabric softeners when laundering. With a few simple steps, you can enjoy your favorite yoga top for many months to come!

Are yoga tank tops appropriate for wearing to the gym?

Yes, yoga tank tops are perfect for going to the gym. They are comfortable, breathable, and allow you to move freely. Plus, they look great! Try one out and see how it feels.

What are the best materials for yoga tank tops?

You’ll want yoga tank tops that will keep you cool and comfortable while you move. Look for lightweight fabrics like breathable cotton or microfiber, which allow your skin to breathe and won’t trap sweat. Choose materials that are soft yet durable for long-lasting wear.

Are yoga tank tops available in a wide range of sizes?

Yes, yoga tank tops are available in a wide range of sizes. You can find them from extra small to extra-large, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. They’re comfortable and stylish – an ideal choice for those looking to stay fashionable during their workout!

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s yoga tank tops?

Yes, there are differences between men’s and women’s yoga tank tops. Women’s often feature a curved hemline for a more flattering fit, while men’s tend to have wider shoulders and straps. Men’s also usually have longer body length than women’s. Consider your shape and size when choosing the right tank top for you!

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