Aura vs Hallow: Choosing the Right Meditation App for Your Journey

Aura vs Hallow
Aura vs Hallow


In our search for peace and mindfulness, meditation apps like Aura and Hallow have emerged as significant tools. This article provides an in-depth comparison of Aura and Hallow, helping you choose the app that aligns best with your meditation and spiritual needs.

Key Features Comparison

User BaseOver 5 million usersHighly popular
Key OfferingsMindfulness meditations, sleep stories, CBT, hypnosis, ASMR, musicGuided prayers, meditations, music, religious content
CustomizationPersonalized content based on user inputPersonalize prayers and meditations by length, guide, music
User ExperienceSimple, gratitude journal, various routinesBuild prayer habit, community involvement
Special FeaturesExtensive library, offline accessAccess to theologians, community challenges, scripture
Subscription Cost$59.99/year$69.99/year or $9.99/month
Free Trial7 days14 days
Target AudienceGeneral mental wellnessPrimarily Christians for spiritual meditation

Detailed Features


Aura is celebrated for its vast library and personalization. It offers an array of mindfulness content and tailors experiences based on user preferences. Its simplicity and additional features like a gratitude journal make it a comprehensive choice for general mental wellness.


Hallow is a unique app focusing on spiritual meditation and prayer, especially for Christians. It offers guided prayers, religious content, and the chance to learn from theologians. Its community challenges and scripture readings provide a holistic spiritual experience.

User Testimonials

“Aura has revolutionized my daily routine, improving my sleep and overall well-being.” – [Aura User]

“Hallow has deepened my spiritual journey and connected me with a community.” – [Hallow User]

Pros and Cons


Pros: Extensive content, personalization, suitable for general audience. Cons: Higher cost, shorter free trial.


Pros: Spiritual focus, longer free trial, community engagement. Cons: Higher annual cost, specific to Christian audience.


Your choice between Aura and Hallow should align with your meditation goals. Aura offers a broad range of mindfulness practices for a general audience, while Hallow provides a focused spiritual experience for Christians.


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