Choosing Mindfulness: Headspace vs. Insight Timer Review and Comparison

Headspace vs. Insight Timer
Headspace vs. Insight Timer

In the vast realm of mindfulness apps, two notable contenders, Headspace and Insight Timer, have garnered considerable attention. Both of these platforms aim to facilitate enhanced sleep, stress reduction, and an overall improvement in mental wellbeing through guided meditations and various mindfulness practices. How do they stack up against each other in terms of features, usability, content, and pricing? Let’s delve into a detailed comparison to aid you in choosing the right companion for your mindfulness journey.

About Headspace vs. Insight Timer

About Insight Timer

Insight Timer, celebrated by therapist Julia Childs Heyl for its myriad of options like guided meditations, sleep exercises, courses, and breathwork, promises an enriched mindfulness and sleep-enhancing experience. Heyl’s journey in 2023 with the app elucidated its effectiveness in not only nurturing a mindfulness practice but also in substantially elevating her sleep hygiene during a particularly stressful period. The platform offers a substantial free version alongside a premium subscription, termed Member Plus, which Heyl opted for to fully immerse herself in its offerings.

About Headspace

Headspace, co-founded by Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson in 2010, has positioned itself as a prominent platform offering a vast array of mindfulness exercises and guided meditations. Aimed at reducing stress, enhancing sleep, and fostering healthy habits among its users, it’s recognized not only for its aesthetically appealing design but also for its wealth of content including videos, podcasts, and exercise tutorials tailored for various user levels from beginners to pros, and age groups including kids and teens.

User Interface & Experience

Insight Timer: UI & UX

Insight Timer screenshot
Insight Timer screenshot

Insight Timer provides a diverse meditation experience with an enormous library.

The app prides itself on a user-friendly navigation system, excellent audio quality, and functionalities like setting reminders. Its mood tracking feature also allows users to observe and reflect on mood fluctuations and influencers.

Headspace: UI & UX

Headspace screenshot
Headspace screenshot

Headspace combines simplicity and a pleasant aesthetic in its user interface.

Despite some critiques regarding its website’s user-friendliness, the Headspace app has generally been praised for its easy navigation and instructional quality. It provides a rich user experience through diverse features like the Today tab and goal-tracking functionalities.

Features & Content : Headspace vs. Insight Timer

Features of Insight Timer

Over 146,000 Free Offerings:

  • Guided meditations
  • Talks
  • Podcasts
  • Music tracks

Member Plus Subscription:

  • Access to the full array of content
  • Includes sleep exercises, stress, and anxiety sections with guided meditations, yoga, and more.

Features of Headspace

Vast Content Library:

  • Guided meditations
  • Breathing exercises
  • Podcasts
  • Exercise tutorials

Tiered Content:

  • Options for various levels from beginners to more advanced users
  • Tailored offerings for kids and teens

Pricing & Subscription Model

Insight Timer Pricing

  • Free Version: Extensive access to over 146,000 meditations, podcasts, talks, and music tracks.
  • Member Plus Subscription: $59.99 yearly for full access to all features and content.

Headspace Pricing

  • Monthly Plan: $12.99/month with a 7-day free trial.
  • Annual Plan: $69.99/year with a 14-day free trial.

User Reviews & Ratings : Headspace vs. Insight Timer

What Users Say about Insight Timer

“The Insight Timer app helped decrease my stress levels, improve sleep, and navigate through my study days with less anxiety.” – Julia Childs Heyl

What Users Say about Headspace

“Headspace provides an easy-to-navigate and appreciative instructional approach that significantly improved my daily mindfulness practice and sleep quality.” – Forbes Health Article Author

Pros and Cons

  • Insight Timer
    • Pros: Massive free library, community hub, workshops, live yoga classes.
    • Cons: Overwhelming content volume, premium requirement for some courses, additional costs for workshops.
  • Headspace
    • Pros: A wide array of meditation videos, podcasts, scientific backing.
    • Cons: Lack of free content post-trial, potential technical issues, customer service accessibility.

Conclusion – Headspace vs. Insight Timer

Navigating through the sea of mindfulness apps, Headspace and Insight Timer stand out, each with their unique offerings and user experiences. Whether you’re drawn to the scientifically-backed, structured approach of Headspace, or the extensive, community-oriented library of Insight Timer, your choice may ultimately boil down to your personal mindfulness journey and preferences. Both apps have demonstrated efficacy in stress reduction and enhancing sleep quality, making them worthy contenders in your mindfulness exploration.


Do both apps offer a free trial?

Yes, both Headspace and Insight Timer offer free trials for their premium versions.

    Are there any discounts available?

    Insight Timer provides select free meditations online as a COVID-19 special. No additional discounts were noted for either app.

      Which app is more beginner-friendly?

      While Headspace is often heralded for its beginner-friendly approach, Insight Timer also offers hundreds of free introductory sessions across various topics.

        Feel free to drop your queries and experiences with either of the apps in the comments below, sharing the wisdom of mindfulness with our community.

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